Selected Publications-
Hahn William F. and Michael A. Drain, 2010.  Investigation of the Erosion Potential of Kingsley Dam Emergency Spillway.  Presented at the joint Annual Meeting and Conference of AIPG, AGWT, and the Florida Section of AIPG in Orlando, Florida September 11-15, 2010

Hahn, William F., 2007. Fundamentals of Well Design. Course Manual, Lohman Education Services (pub), August 2007 for: Seminar on Ground Water Wells - Legal and Technical Considerations in Colorado.

Morris, Kevin, Tim Brodeur, Doug Eckmann, and William Hahn, 2005. Risk-Based Planning and Design for Water System Expansion. Presented at the 2005 Florida Water Resource Conference, Jacksonville, FL.

Hahn, William, Kevin Burgess, and Vic Godlewski, 2004. Well Stimulation Using CO2 Injection at the City of Apopka. Presented at the 2004 Florida Water Resource Conference, Kissimmee, FL, published Florida Water Resources Journal, February 2004.

Eckmann, Douglas, H., William Hahn, Kevin Morris, and G.N. Ehan Weech, 2003. Improving Performance of ASR Wells with CO2 Injection. Presented at the 2003 Florida Water Resources Conference, Tampa, FL, published Florida Water Resources Journal, February 2003.

Hahn, William, Heather Thompson, Scott Reinert, 2003. Comparison of Infiltration Basins and Injection Wells for Recharge of an Aquifer with Treated Wastewater. Presented at the WEAT and Texas Section AWWA Joint Annual Conference (2003 Texas Water Conference), Corpus Christi, TX.

Thompson, Heather D., William F. Hahn, Jeffrey R. Forbes, and Mark D. Ankeny, 2001. Comparing Basins and Vadose Zone Wells for the Recharge of a Deep Aquifer: Assessing the Feasibility of Recharge Facilities. Presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of AWWA, September 9-12, 2001, Angel Fire, NM.

Eckmann, Douglas H., William F. Hahn, and Patrick J. Lehman, 2001. Development of a Decision Support Tool (DST) for Operation of a Surface Water/ASR Water Supply Facility. Presented at the AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition, June 17-21, 2001, Washington, D.C.

Eckmann, Douglas H. and William F. Hahn, Mark Pearce, and Patrick J. Lehman, 2001. Innovative Designs for the Management of ASR Water Quality at a Potable Water Supply Facility. Proceedings of the AWWA Infrastructure Conference, March 11, 2001, Orlando, FL.

Hahn, William F. and Doug Eckmann, 2000. Use of a Forecasting Model for the Sizing of Water Diversion, Storage, and Treatment Facilities and an ASR Wellfield. Presented at the Annual Meeting and International Conference of the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH), November 5-8, 2000, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Hahn, William F., 2000. Ground Water Resources of the Crystalline Rocks. In: Ground Water Atlas of Colorado, Colorado Ground Water Assoc. pub.

Hahn, William F., D. Robert Smedley, W. Scott Keys, and Robert D. Teegarden, 1996. In Search of Salt Water: Borehole Testing, Geophysical Logging, and Geochemical Investigations of a Deep Test Well in Central Florida. Proceedings ASCE Florida Section Annual Meeting, Sarasota, FL.

Yoon, Y.S., David Little, and William F. Hahn, 1985. Application of a Finite Element Model for Ground Water Resource Appraisal in the Cherry Creek Basin, Denver, Colorado. Proceedings of Conference on Practical Applications of Ground Water Models.

Hahn, W.F., 1979. Technical Aspects of Strategic Petroleum Reserve Deep-Well Injection. Proceedings of Workshop on Subsurface Disposal of Geopressured Fluid, Gulf Coast.

Hahn, W.F., and W.M. Porter, 1976. Significance of Structural Elements in Ground-Water Development in the Delaware Piedmont (abstr). Paper presented at the 1976 Annual Meeting of the Association of Engineering Geologists.

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