William F. Hahn, P.G.
         Principal Hydrogeologist

Experience Summary

     Mr. Hahn has over 45 years of direct experience in the execution and management of hydrogeologic and water resource investigations for municipal, state and federal agencies, and the mining, energy, power, and water supply industries.  He specializes in ground water resource investigations in support of water supply planning and development, appraisal of long-term reliability of supplies, aquifer storage and recovery, mine/mill water supplies, pit inflows, and numerical modeling. He has had direct responsibility for design, construction oversight and testing of over 200 potable supply wells in diverse geologic settings, with well depths ranging from less than 25 feet to over 2,400 feet. His experience includes design and construction of injection wells for fluids disposal ranging in depth from 90 feet to over 8,000 feet, including directionally drilled wells. His experience includes all types of completions, all common materials of construction, and virtually all types of drilling methods. 

     Mr. Hahn has served as an expert witness in State Water Court, Federal District Court, and in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. He has authored numerous technical papers on the subjects of ground water development, deep well injection, and aquifer storage and recovery, including two chapters of the Colorado Ground Water Atlas. Mr. Hahn served as the principal investigator and project manager on a research project sponsored by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF) culminating in a publication entitled “Comparison of Alternative Methods for Recharge of a Deep Aquifer.” In 1999, Mr. Hahn served on a panel of 16 experts from across the nation in reviewing an EPA risk assessment relative to aquifer storage and recovery and Class V injection wells.


BS/Geology, Bucknell University/1973
Graduate level Study/Hydrology, Water Resources and Advanced
     Ground Water Hydraulics, University of Delaware
Coal and Oil Shale Geology, Mining,Technology 
     Colorado School of Mines
Industry Courses, Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, 
     Advanced Ground Water Modeling

     Professional Geologist: AK (1982), AZ (1985), VA (1984),
FL (1989), WY (1998), NE (2008)
     Professional Geological Scientist, AIPG (1980)

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